PNW Regional Specifics

Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center
650 SW Campus Drive
Federal Way, WA 98023

Number of Teams:
One team per class, per organization
16 Ranger
12 Navigator
12 Scout

Pool Depths:
3 meters for Scout and Navigator Class
5 meters for Ranger Class
(both are effectively flat bottomed)


  • Close Toed Shoes Required on Pool Deck. Enclosed toe box sandals (Keens) OK.
  • Safety Glasses Required when using tools
  • Maximum of six team members allowed on the pool deck

Basic schedule for MATE PNW ROV Challenge day (subject to change)

07:30-09:30     Team/Company Check In   
07:30-07:45     Safety Judge meeting     
07:45-10:15     ROV Safety checks       
08:45-09:30     Diver's meeting 
09:00-09:45     Judges & captains meetings - all classes
10:30-12:00     Rounds 1-3 of Competition - all classes
12:00-13:00     Lunch & Explorer Class demo (if teams/ROVs available)
13:00-15:30     Rounds 4-8 of Competition - all classes
15:30-16:30     Team/Company packup, judges last scoring
15:45-16:30     Judges Final meeting     
16:30-17:00     Awards Presentation     
17:00               Depart facility 

Regional Specific Changes to Mission Documents:

  • Technical Report not required (all classes)
  • Job Safety Analysis not required (Ranger Class)
  • Camera systems not allowed in SCOUT class

Available for bonus points:

  • Outreach & Inspiration (10 pts max)
  • Spec Sheets Judged by Presentation Judges (20 pts max)
  • SIDs Judged by Presentation Judges (10 pts max)

We will apply a scale-factor to the communications portions (Company Spec Sheet, Product Presentation, and Marketing Display) that will make them equal to the points available in the demonstrations (Product Demonstration, Safety & Organizational Effectiveness at Demo). So even if you have an ROV that is not performing well underwater, you may be able to score well in this Challenge.