Thank you all for participating in this year’s MATE Pacfic Northwest Regional ROV Challenge - it was a great day! The vehicles were fascinating, the competition stiff, and all proceeded (mostly) smoothly to our final awards presentation. The individual scores and awards are shown below - congratulations to all! Special thanks to our sponsors and groups that came with extra experiences, including Ocean Gate Foundation, UW-ROV, MTS Student Section, and foundry10 - we appreciate the extra bit of inspiration you provided beyond MATE’s missions.

At the MATE International Competition in June we’ll be represented in Ranger Class by the CADMUS team from SeaTech 4-H in Mt. Vernon. In Explorer Class, it’s still possible we’ll be represented by two teams - AMNO & CO from Seattle, and Team PSI from Mt. Vernon. Each of those teams has one more chance to qualify for a trip to Houston - good luck!

If you’re interested in engaging colleagues and others in this event, check this webpage when school starts again for dates of our "Introduction to ROVs” workshop. We offer this every year to be sure mentors, coaches and interested parents get some hands-on time with the vehicles and basic controls, as well as ways they can be used in both formal and informal STEM education. In 2017, we may also be offering an advanced class on cameras, waterproofing, and better thruster controls - stay tuned.

Thanks again,
Wes Thompson, Rick Rupan, Stanley Janicki, and Fritz Stahr - MATE Regional Coordinators for the Pacific Northwest